Chris and Rihanna

26 Feb

Analysis of the controversial collaborations between Chris and Rihanna, with a recap of their tumultuous relationship.

The leaked release Monday night of two remixes that pair the self-proclaimed good girl gone bad Rihanna with her admitted abuser, Chris Brown, present an intense moral quandary for anyone who believes that pop music has real cultural impact. Never in my memory has the particular feeling surrounding these new songs — “dread” is a word often employed in the past week — been so pronounced. This is music many people wish did not exist.

Rihanna’s X-rated “Birthday Cake” and Brown’s more radio-friendly “Turn Up the Music” hit our ears like little bombs, exploding with context. They are provocations, demanding response. Even listening feels like a weighted choice, and, for most of us, the experience will be defined by the stance we’d chosen before we heard a note.


A parody of “Birthday Cake” including words from the police report.!


A quickie remix parody of “Birthday Cake” by Rihanna ft. Chris Brown. Lyrics quoted directly from the police report (PDF).


More analysis on the two artists, as incidents developed:


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