Dancing statistics

10 Oct


Statistics Explained Through Modern Dance: A New Way of Teaching a Tough Subject

in Math | October 1st, 2013 2 Comments

You want a gentle introduction to statistics, and maybe those Khan Academy videos aren’t quite working out for you. Well, here’s another approach: statistics explained with modern dance. That’s the novel approach explored by Lucy Irving (Middlesex University) and Andy Field (University of Sussex), who produced four short films demonstrating different statistical concepts through dance. The films touch on Correlation, Frequency Distributions, Sampling and Standard Error, and Variance. Speaking about the project, Irving explained: “We worked with the choreographer and experimented with the dancers to find ways of communicating the concepts.  Our hope is that, as well as being fun and educational, the films will demystify and take some of the fear out of statistics.  Students often report that ‘the stats’ are the most difficult part of their psychology degree and these the films aim to challenge this by demonstrating that thinking about them in new ways may make them easier to comprehend.” You can follow Lucy on Twitter at @statsdancer.


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