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Marijuana laws and controversy in the United States

1 Apr

History of marijuana in the United States, in a timeline, recognizing the connection between xenophobia and drug laws. From “Busted: America’s war on marijuana”

Also check out “The house we live in” which discusses neighborhoods and crime in a more general sense.


sociology through documentaries

3 Sep

documentaries listed by sociological categories

Transgender Doc challenging bathroom norms

4 Jan

“It Gets Messy in Here”
This is a trailer from my 30-minute film. This short doc challenges gender assumptions and gender identities of all kinds by delving into the bathroom experiences of masculine identified queer women and transgendered men of color, featuring performance artist D’Lo, Alice Y. Hom, Prentis Hemphil, Megan Benton, Dr. C. RIley Snorton, Jun-Fung Chueh-Mejia, jay-Marie Hill, and Che.

Doc: Capitalism is the Crisis, background on OWS

29 Dec

Back in August, I released my documentary film Capitalism Is The
Crisis: Radical Politics in the Age of Austerity

I completed the film in July, before the Occupy Wall Street meme was
articulated. Coincidentally, my focus on the “austerity” agenda, the
2008 crisis, and some of the global uprisings against finance
capitalism in the preceding 18 months addressed many of the concerns
of the OWS protesters. Instructors may find the film useful for
teaching OWS.

My film has been viewed over 51,000 times on my YouTube channel
(–2R0), and downloaded thousands
more times in other places.

A list of the people featured in the film is here: This list
includes Chris Hedges, Derrick Jensen, Michael Hardt, Leo Panitch,
David McNally, Imre Szeman, Richard J.F. Day, and many more.

I hope you will take advantage of this resource.

Michael Truscello
Assistant Professor
Egnlish and General Education
Mount Royal University

There once was an Island

11 Sep

Winner of several international film awards, this documentary is a personal look at the question of eco-refugees.

What if your community had to decide whether to leave their homeland forever and there was no help available?

This is the reality for the culturally unique Polynesian community of Takuu, a tiny low-lying atoll in the South Western Pacific. As a terrifying tidal flood rips through their already damaged home, the Takuu community experiences the devastating effects of climate change first hand.

In this verite-style film, three intrepid characters Teloo, Endar and Satty, allow us into their lives and their culture and show us first hand the human impact of an environmental crisis. Two scientists, oceanographer John Hunter and geomorphologist Scott Smithers, investigate the situation with our characters and consider the impact of climate change on communities without access to resources or support. Intimate observational scenes allow Teloo, Endar and Satty to take us on their personal journeys as they consider whether to move to an uncertain future in Bougainville or to stay on Takuu and fight for a different, but equally uncertain, outcome.

This film gives a human face to the direct impacts of climate change in the Pacific, challenging audiences everywhere to consider their own relationship to the earth and the other people on it.

Free Documenary Films

14 Jul

The following embedded link for Top Documentary Films provides an EXTENSIVE list of films on topics such as economics, politics, health, history, religion, science, the media, sexuality, technology and the environment.

You won’t ever have to teach again. Just go to this website, pick a documentary and let it ride!