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sociology through documentaries

3 Sep

documentaries listed by sociological categories


FBI Vault

1 Sep

The FOIA FBI files on Civil Rights add an interesting primary source to supplement texts. I taught them in an African American Literature course last spring, and students were astonished by them.

They are available here:

The online Martin Luther King files were incomplete, but they are available on microfilm at some libraries; the Malcolm X files and the Betty Shabazz files were very good. There are several categories spanning all different subjects.

images of the LOLZ animals with comments and links related to sociology

12 Jul
Check this out for the smiles but also the links for basic soc stuff.

The Society Pages

24 Apr

These are linked to the sociological images site. VERY helpful graphics and links! Check em out, play around!

Media resources for media scholars

12 Jan
Teaching media resources website for media scholars.

Carried away: breaking social norms

6 Jan

This is a cute way to discuss social norms.

Websites full of streaming documentaries

6 Jan
These are excellent resources when looking for videos.